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Shakta - The Enlightened Ape

Shakta - The Enlightened Ape
LabelDragonfly Records
Typealbum, CD

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Shakta - The Enlightened Ape


01 Shakta - The Future Is Now
02 Shakta - Human Life
03 Shakta - Space Flowers
04 Shakta - Of the Essence
05 Shakta - Zevel Boy
06 Shakta - Between Worlds
07 Shakta - Life Circles
08 Shakta - The Enlightened Ape
09 Shakta - Brainwash Nation

Shakta - The Enlightened Ape

'Everything is within this, and this is within everything.'

'Anyone can be enlightened. You can - so you should!'

'To the end of the universe. Hahahahah!'

'I flew millions of lightyears. I might have gone anywhere but I went that way.'

'Some things even Buddhas don't know.'

'The end of the universe? That can't have been easy.' 'Of course it wasn't easy, but I got there!'

Shakta - Brainwash Nation

'The television screen is the retina of the mind's eye. Therefore the television screen is part of the physical structure of the brain. Therefore whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it. Therefore television is reality. And reality is less than television.'

From movie 'Videodrome' by David Cronenberg


Shakta - The Enlightened Ape: Front
Shakta - The Enlightened Ape: Back