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Sharigrama - Peyote Phoenix

Sharigrama - Peyote Phoenix
LabelInterface Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Sharigrama - Bad Feeling About This
02 Sharigrama - Electronic
03 Sharigrama - Peyote Pheonix
04 Sharigrama - Something You Need
05 Sharigrama - Put Me Another One
06 Sharigrama - Interface Connection
07 Sharigrama - The 64 Inches
08 Sharigrama - Another Way
09 Sharigrama - Push Travel Button
10 Sharigrama - Information

This cd Peyote Phoenix' is the second album produced by Sharigrama. An album with that offers you a mixture of psychedelic trance, electronica, nu-rave and hard electro.
It contains 10 excellent tracks that will shake the world's dance-floors more than ever before!
The person behind Sharigrama is called Carlos Gonzalez, coming from beautiful Mexico.

The album offers you new fresh music that contains a different concept than the music that has been presented in the psychedelic genre so far, so you can't miss this cd in your cd-book!

The cd is released by Carlos' his own record-label: Interface Records.

Get your copy now and let yourself being taken into the world of Peyote Phoenix'!

Sharigrama - Peyote Phoenix: Front