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Shift - Byte Me

Shift - Byte Me
LabelCrystal Matrix
Typealbum, CD

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Shift - Byte Me


01 Shift - Dubmention (Breaksbeat Remix)
02 Shift - The Rift
03 Shift - Dune II
04 Shift - Pagan Sunrise
05 Shift - Sin In Motion
06 Shift - Slide
07 Shift - Real Men Don't Dance
08 Shift - Byte Me
09 Shift - Ear Dis
10 Shift - Komatose

Byte Me is Shift's 3rd solo album! It's a slick stomping ride through the soundscapes, beats and riffs that emerge from this stimulated mind. This album was written after producing his recent twisted system and pitch hikers albums, and influences from these two projects as well as a new smoother side to Shift are exhibited here.

Bigger and better produced than anything he's done before. Loaded with Fat tracks to fit anytime, from a break-beat full vocal remix of dubmention, and a nasty dark rework of Dune, or epic morning monsters like pagan sunrise and down tempo beaks like komatose, to the smooth title track Byte Me, the technoid, demonic monster sin in motion, the ultra groovy rift, and the slick retro slide. This is one bad-ass album not to miss out on.