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Shiva Chandra - Symbol

Shiva Chandra - Symbol
LabelSpin Twist Records
Typealbum, CD

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Shiva Chandra - Symbol


01 Shiva Chandra - Remote Controlled
02 Shiva Chandra - Return To Atlantis
03 Shiva Chandra - Bad Girls Like Us
04 Shiva Chandra - 12 Hours
05 Shiva Chandra - Psychelectric
06 Shiva Chandra - Listen
07 Shiva Chandra - Enter
08 Shiva Chandra - Electric Instinct
09 Shiva Chandra - Subcultured

Shiva Chandra consists of Germanys very own Daniel Vernunft, one of the pioneers of the progressive psytrance scene and in particular the development of popular 'Hamburg Style', with his involvement in projects like Auricular, Prime Time Plastix and of course his main project Shiva Chandra. Since his first release back in 1994 his music has rocked dancefloors across the globe, and his sound has always been unique and ever evolving, which clearly shines through in the diversity of his many albums, which have been released on such prominent labels as Spirit Zone, Plusquam, Midijum and Sinn Tec. 'Symbol' is a continuation of Shiva Chandras trademark-sound, but this time with even more edge and diversity - there are distincts touches of electro, techno and house sounds here and there, but every track is different from the other, and fans of his high quality sound will surely not be disappointed.

Shiva Chandra - Symbol: Front