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Shiva Wizard - Let's Go Mental

Shiva Wizard - Let's Go Mental
LabelPixan Recordings
Typealbum, CD


01 Shiva Wizard - High Bell
02 Wizard Lizard - The Best
03 Shiva - Okinawa Rock
04 Wizard Lizard - Blast Off
05 Shiva - Children Pray
06 Wizard Lizard - System Overload Remix
07 Shiva - Funk The Punk
08 Wizard Lizard - Secret Space Of Temple
09 Shiva - Glichy Chello

Roi Levi & Guy Marciano created the Wizard Lizard Project in 1998. They started their journey into trance at a very young age, experimenting the evolution of the Psytrance scene while playing their music in underground partys in israel . At 2004 their first track was released on the Doof Records compilation "E.S.T". By then, Roi & Guy had already set up a studio in their home town, and started to produce music professionally. They graduated syntheza class in reasonace music school at 2005 , and by 2006 they had finished Mix and Mastering training at B.P.M college. They are currently making mastering work for several labels at their studio the last mastering work was V/a Work it out by digital distortion rec, after already releasing on almost 20 compilation by various leading labels such as Shiva Space, Sigma, Doof, Parvati, Yabai , Noise Poisen, Digital Distortion, Temple Twister, etc'. They immediately began getting booking requests worldwide, and preseted their Live act in various locations around the world such as Israel, India, Greece, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan.

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