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Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?

Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?
LabelTwisted Records
Typealbum, CD

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Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?


01 Shpongle - Shpongle Falls
02 Shpongle - Monster Hit
03 Shpongle - Vapour Rumours
04 Shpongle - Shpongle Spores
05 Shpongle - Behind Closed Eyelids
06 Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth
07 Shpongle - And The Day Turned To Night

Where is Shpongleland?

A Multi-verse Not very far away, Where Queues and Noise don't exist, neither pain nor fear, scary faces or BadSmells... just peace & pieces, and perfect Weather. Sucking the big toe of humanity, your armchair turns into an Aural spacecraft, Catapulting you thru the veils of Reality and consciousness into a Psychedelic adult theme park: Sonar ballisTickle soma-sucking cyber-sorcerers, floating Weightlessly on the threshold of Bliss, creating psycho-geometric Atomic Telepathic shimmering incandescant Dream dilations.

This hybrid Exotic serofonin-drenched electroplasmic dripping Brain-forest moves With endless Hallucinogenic changing patterns while un-noticed, a million Angels dance on a pinhead. Fun-shui, Phreaological Escapology; The Divine Moment of Truth... the inevitability if the unexpected - the Vortex of the Cortex. Knowing What we don't Know, While sampling the cosmos; From the Darkness to the Light; from the Unreal to the Real... from death to immortality...

Let's get Shpongled!

Shpongle - Shpongle falls

'All these energies are making me sway. This is a sphircular vortex.... spinning ... spinning ... spinning .... spinning .... spinning .... like this...'

Shpongle - Behind Closed Eyelids

'Behind closed eyelids. In very many cases, the visionary quality - the quality of the vision - so to say spills over into the external world. So that the experiencer, when he opens his eyes, sees the outer world transfigured.'

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth

DMT, DMT, doo dee doo DMT, LSD doo DMT, LSD doo DMT... Divine moments of truth, total and utter cosmic stuff...

Be here now... I love everybody

Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Front
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Back
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Back 2
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Inside
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Inside 2
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Inside 3
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Inside 4
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: Inside 5
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?: CD