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Side Liner - Emotional Diving

Side Liner - Emotional Diving
LabelCosmicleaf Records
Typealbum, CD

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Side Liner - Emotional Diving


01 Side Liner - Morning Dewdrops
02 Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Zero Cult Remix)
03 Side Liner - Emotional Diving
04 Side Liner - Something Beautiful (Is Out There Mix)
05 Side Liner - Drawing My Life
06 Side Liner feat. D.Bafistatos - Sehnsuncht
07 Side Liner - Haunted Thoughts (Cydelix Remix)
08 Side Liner - Memories
09 Percussion Bullet - Transparent Thought (Side Liner Remix)
10 Side Liner - Something Beautiful (Arcane Trickster Remix)

An emotional diving into deep waters of subconscious!

The diachronic sound environment of this release is dedicated to memories that keep us warm and acompany us in our lives through to the future.

Memories that make us laugh or be nostalgic, that make us try for creating a promising future for the new generations.

This debut album includes also remixes and co productions from label artists auch as Zero Cult.

Except from the chill spaces you will also discover one progressive influenced track remixed by Side Liner, 'Transparent Thought', from the upcoming duo Percussion Bullet.

Side Liner - Emotional Diving: Front
Side Liner - Emotional Diving: Back
Side Liner - Emotional Diving: Inside
Side Liner - Emotional Diving: Inside 2