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Sidhartha - Bio Rhythm

Sidhartha - Bio Rhythm
Typealbum, CD


01 Sidhartha - Heartbeat
02 Sidhartha - Mind Warp
03 HighPnosys - Phonic Request Remix
04 Sidhartha - Alien Plasma
05 Sidhartha - Divine Justice
06 Sidhartha - Chemical Percussors
07 Sidhartha - Lysergic Trip
08 Sidhartha - Day Dream
09 Sidhartha - BioRhythm
10 Sidhartha - Celebrate The Life

Fractal Records is proud to present Sidhartha second album. BioRhythm is a full on psychedelic trance album dedicated to dance floors.

Featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks this album is a truly masterpiece brought to us by Sidhartha and it represents the rhythmic biological cycles: the physical, the emotional and the intellectual cycles. The result is a strong yet melodic and twisted combination of tracks with a powerfull drive and deep flow which reflects SidharthaLs music, nature and style.

Whether you are a dj or a psytrance music lover you will be shaken by this album and certainly your life will be more rhythmatic...

Sidhartha - Bio Rhythm: Front