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Sienis - Seriously Unserious

Sienis - Seriously Unserious
LabelPeyotii Recordings
Typealbum, CD


01 Sienis - Potential Point...
02 Sienis - Don't Hold Your Breath
03 Sienis - Hullbreach In The Funboat
04 Sienis - Unholy Ritual
05 Sienis - High Frequency Science
06 Sienis - Monkey Unleashed
07 Sienis - As Crazy As This May Sound
08 Sienis - Reaching Through Eternity
09 Sienis - Tinklebell Of The Unthinkable
10 Sienis - ...Of Confusion
11 Sienis - Lost Now Found

This new Sienis album 'Seriously Unserious will bring you on a trip through chunky soundscapes and a large variety of moods, twists and turns in a seriously unserious manner.

Sienis is Eki Jokisalo, a sonic nutter and perfectionist, producing electronic music since 1996.

After releasing 18 tracks on various psytrance compilations and his debut full-length album ,'From A Nutter Perspective' on Gi'iwa Productions, it's now time to bring more of this fresh and unique breeze onto the dancefloors...

Some keywords to describe his music would be 'fullon funky twisted melodic outdoor party psy' or "Like Jackie Chan........violent but funny!!"