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Skulptor - Natural

Skulptor - Natural
LabelWired Music
Typealbum, CD

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Skulptor - Natural


01 Skulptor - The Strings
02 Skulptor - The Great Escape
03 Skulptor - Sonic Boom
04 Skulptor - Northern Ligths
05 Skulptor - Force Of Gravity
06 Skulptor - The Degrees Of Freedom
07 Skulptor - Scream 4 Life
08 Skulptor - Beautifull
09 Skulptor - Soaring

Lipe Forbes, 24 years old and a trully veteran on brazilian eletronic music, joins Wired Music to present his second album: Natural.
Versatile, and with extense musical feedback, LipeĀLs always been influenced for all kinds of good music. "Natural" results from a huge research and dancefloor tests. With unique style, Lipe mixed his singularity with pure trance music: uplifting melodies and deep vocals perfectly fitted with power guitar solos and classic nylon guitar lines. Not to mention his finest and crystal sound quality.Take a listen at the samples... you will like it!

Skulptor - Natural: Front