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Slug - Elemental

Slug - Elemental
LabelNexus Media
Typealbum, CD

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Slug - Elemental


01 Slug - Serious Situation
02 Slug - Second Day (Remix)
03 Slug - Earth From Space
04 Slug - Sluggy Noise
05 Slug - On The Run
06 Slug - Bad Boy
07 Slug - Elemental
08 Slug - How High
09 Slug - The Race

Slug is back with his second solo album "Elemental".

Powerful leads and floating atmospheres shift and slide over the pounding Slug kick and bass, to create a dancefloor force of elemental proportions.

In the years since his first album release, Slug has built a steady global following, exporting the innovative South African psy-trance sound to festivals, clubs and sound systems around the world.

The unique Slug sound is taken to the next level in this twisted trip through 9 elemental soundscapes.

Slug - Elemental: Front