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Smosh - Connecting Worlds

Smosh - Connecting Worlds
LabelAP Records
Typealbum, CD

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Smoosh - Connecting Worlds


01 Smosh - Eyes never lie
02 Smosh - Working Alpha Waves
03 Smosh - Getting Started
04 Smosh - Connecting Worlds
05 Smosh - Lost Inside
06 Smosh - Kinetic
07 Smosh - Digital Importers
08 Smosh - September

Come connect to the worlds of Smosh the young talented Mexican producer Jorge Penialoza Rodriguez.

Growing up on miscellaneous electronica from 'Air' through 'Global Underground' to the 'Chemical Brothers', already DJing as a young teenager, and with diverse tastes in Trance music - whether it's Astrix, Ticon, Moonbeam, GMS or Wrecked Machines - it's no surprise Smosh is connecting different worlds on his debut album Connecting Worlds.

Diversity is the name of the game, and a lot of musicality. Smosh delivers a modern day version Full-on Psytrance with classic touches, a lot of emotions, beautiful melodies, harmonies and compositions, touches of the traditional Goa Trance sound in new clothing, updated techno and house techniques, and enough dance floor smashers and melodic anthems to make everyone happy. All in a crystal clear and smart production.

Come connect to the worlds of Smosh.

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