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Snog - The Last Days Of Rome

Snog - The Last Days Of Rome
Typealbum, CD

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Snog - The Last Days Of Rome


01 Snog - One Grain Of Sand
02 Snog - The Last Days Of Rome
03 Snog - Lost At Sea
04 Snog - It's All Lies
05 Snog - City
06 Snog - Vaguely Melancholic
07 Snog - Whateverman
08 Snog - Christmas Everyday
09 Snog - I Do Know Now
10 Snog - The Billionaire's Bullshit Machine
11 Snog - Go To Sleep (Little Australia)
12 Snog - One Speck Of Dust
13 Snog - (No Title)
14 Snog - The Last Days Of Rome (Sir Real Remix)
15 Snog - Whateverman (Instrumental)
16 Snog - It's All Lies (Instrumental)
17 Snog - Vaguely Melancholic (Instrumental)
18 Snog - Uncle Rupert

As should be obvious to any erudite observer there are no parallels here with the contemporary world stage at all. And so it is that Snog turn their back on their most recent outings of barbed satirical electro-punk and instead offer a new brand new album of historical narratives and charming tone poems set in palatable electro-pop surroundings, The Last Days Of Rome.

Exclusive Australian Pressing includes 4 exclusive bonus tracks, exclusive cover art, and deluxe digipak packaging with 12 page booklet + receive a Free 1" SNOG Badge.