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Solano - Under The White Flag

Solano - Under The White Flag
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Solano - Under The White Flag


01 Solano - Blacklight Faces
02 Solano - The Beat Of 1000 Hearts Inside
03 Solano - Access Deny
04 Solano - Charles Overall
05 Solano - Paint The Town Red
06 Solano - Deep Fish
07 Solano - Jayjay Three
08 Solano - Roxy Vibes
09 Solano - Pass Through

Solano is back with a brand new piece of their unique progressive music style.

Their 2nd album 'Under the white flag' is the follow-up to their hugely successful debut album 'Blackout', which has been one of Iono Music's first releases. This second work comes to you as a fresh and mature production work and is packed with 9 uncompromising dance numbers for your pleasure.

Next to their solo projects and many live gigs around Europe, the Swiss duo have spent much time with working out their skills for a clean studio production and finally have refreshed their musical style into a more straight and pressing trance sound, which will be most effective on open air floor as well as on sweaty club floors.

So, you will listen to a precious collection of deep and pushing progressive pieces, each of them made for courting you to stand up and move, but without forgetting to spoil your temper with warmness at the right time. Iono Music is proud to announce that masterpiece of Swiss Trance sound, evidencing one more time, that this kind of electronic dance music has not only survived many trends in the past - it is stronger as never before.

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