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Solar Spectrum - Planes Of Existence

Solar Spectrum - Planes Of Existence
LabelFree Freak Music
Typealbum, CD

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Solar Spectrum - Planes of existence


01 Solar Spectrum - Spores
02 Solar Spectrum - Noizebusters
03 Solar Spectrum - Bouncy Freaks
04 Solar Spectrum - Dreamcatchers
05 Solar Spectrum - Imaginations Of Ourselfs
06 Solar Spectrum - Explore Space
07 Solar Spectrum - The Present
08 Solar Spectrum - Illusion
09 Solar Spectrum - Ritual
10 Solar Spectrum - Intergalactic Connections

"Free Freak music is proud to present to you the debut album from Solar Spectrum "Planes of existence".

After more then 10 years working in the psytrance scene, with 3 released Albums as Rastaliens, 3 Albums as Braincell and over 40 releases on well known labels like BooM!, YoYo, PharPsyde, YSE and Glowing Flame, to name just a few, the newest project from Ralph K. is now on the way to your ears.

Solar Spectrum shows you a more progressive orientated idea. The Album contains 10 tracks with psychedelic influences and tribalistic grooves, they let you float in to a other world, they let you dance and forget all the crazy things around you...

The "planes of existence" are here, take the chance to open them....."

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