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Space Buddha - No Shields

Space Buddha - No Shields
LabelAgitato Records
Typealbum, CD

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Space Buddha - No Shields


01 Space Buddha - Legendary Lighting
02 Space Buddha - No Shields
03 Space Buddha vs Digital Eclipse - Neutral Ground
04 Space Buddha - Magnet Man
05 Space Buddha - World Domination
06 Space Buddha vs Toast3d - Rejected
07 Space Buddha - Walk Thru Time
08 Space Buddha - In The Zone
09 Space Buddha - Self Therapy

"No Shields" is the new Full-on blast album by Space Buddha.

An album that opens the 2008 party marathon for all Goa vibes passengers worldwide. A fusion of a fantasy, a prophecy & a virtuosity conducted by the master & the creator of the most unique experiences for the psychedelic mind.

During the years Space Buddha had restored the concepts of Goa Full-on music & had reinvented the magical appeal to which we are all addicted.

"No Shields" album is the newest state of being in Space Buddha's art of musical illusion. Its nature is power, freedom & a pure source of energy.

"No Shields" is capturing the speed of light & the full spectrum of sounds while creating a magnetic moment of infinity.

Space Buddha - No Shields: Front