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Space Buddha - Storm Reaction

Space Buddha - Storm Reaction
LabelAgitato Records
Typealbum, CD

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Space Buddha - Storm Reaction


01 Space Buddha - Storm reaction
02 Space Buddha - Under delusion
03 Space Buddha - Silent galaxy
04 Space Buddha - Lost in infinity
05 Space Buddha - Acid prophecy
06 Space Buddha - Dust in the wind
07 Space Buddha - Cosmic fusion
08 Space Buddha - Exceptional insight
09 Space Buddha - Ancient voices

Space Buddha - Storm reaction

'In a few hours...She'll probably be sane enough to work herself into some sort of tolering Jesus paste rage, at the hazy recollection of being seduced by some kind of cruel Samoan who fed her licuor and L.S.D'

From the movie 'Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas'

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Space Buddha - Lost In Infinity

"My childhood seems like a ghost town, filled with blurred images and nightmares. And when I look back I know my memory's hopelessly <flooded?> and tangled my imagination. I find it difficult to distinguish between what was real and what was something else." @ 0:13 (Eric Lloyd as Phillip)

From the movie 'Luminous Motion'

Luminous Motion

Space Buddha - Dust In The Wind

'We believe that ecstasy causes serotonin depletion and may lead to depression in later life. Anyone who repeatedly takes ecstasy is punching the wall between consciousness and unconsciousness.'

From the movie 'Human Traffic'

Human Traffic

Space Buddha - Ancient Voices

"When I shut my eyes I dwelt in a delicious land of dreams. On the wings of a speechless music I floated through the air and in the cloud valleys played hide-and-seek with meteors." @ 0:46

The Hasheesh Eater by Fitz Hugh Ludlow (unknown speaker)

Space Buddha - Storm Reaction: Front