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Space Tribe - 2000 O.D

Space Tribe - 2000 O.D
LabelSpirit Zone Records
Typealbum, CD

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Space Tribe - 2000 O.D


01 Space Tribe - Out there in the universe
02 Space Tribe - So deep
03 Space Tribe - 2000 O.D
04 Space Tribe - The First Trip
05 Space Tribe - Loopy Loo
06 Space Tribe - Turn Off Your Mind, Relax, Float Downstream
07 Space Tribe - Genetically Modified Human
08 Space Tribe - Telepathic Contact

Space Tribe - Out there in the Universe

' we have ... together ...'

' ... and I think a lot of people are looking for an answer ... '

'Are there other people out there in the universe?'

'I'm the president of the UFOs ... and we sell a 3 million dollar ... '

' ... that is probadly so ... that we may never notice it.'

From the movie 'Contact'


Space Tribe - So Deep

'What if like we are these tiny little things, and we are just, like a part of this whole other huge universe, that is like so big that it dont even know that we exist.'

'Man this is so deep. '

From movie 'Antz'


Space Tribe - The First Trip

'... in rather dramatic way.'

'... for the first experiment, five times effective dose.'


'The reality is ... without an experiencing subject.'

Space Tribe - Telepathic Contact

'Collective consciousness.'

'Make telepathic contact.'

From 'Star Trek - The Next Generation'

Star Trek - The Next Generation

Space Tribe - 2000 O.D: Front
Space Tribe - 2000 O.D: Back
Space Tribe - 2000 O.D: Inside
Space Tribe - 2000 O.D: Inside 2