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Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala

Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala
LabelSpirit Zone Records
Typealbum, CD

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Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala


01 Space Tribe - Ultrasonic Heartbeat
02 Space Tribe - Waking Dreams
03 Space Tribe - Solar Power
04 Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala (Crop Circle Remix)
05 Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Hallucinogen Remix)
06 Space Tribe - Tantra Mantra
07 Space Tribe & Simon Posford - In The Hands Of The Shaman
08 Space Tribe - Atomic Pow Wow
09 Space Tribe - The Power Of Life

Space Tribe - Ultrasonic Heartbeat

'We are connected like brother and syster, we move trought space together.'

'All the children ... can be very high emotional beings and when the time is right, the world is about to see something really remarkable take place, comming from the children of the Earth.'

Space Tribe - Waking Dreams

'... if this mission is successful, you will be first man to land on Mars.'

'Okey, way you go. Good luck.'


'I have a feeling that we may encounter life, as we dont know it.'

Space Tribe - Solar Power


'Prepare your minds for a new state of physical scientific evaulation.'

'The total potential here must be nothing less than astronomical.'

'Speed up the synaptic flow.'

Space Tribe - Tantra Mantra

'The flying saucer came down and took your friend outer space. '

Taken from movie 'Plan 9 from outer space'

Plan 9 from outer space

Space Tribe - Atomic Pow Wow

'Whatever you have thought about the world before, forget it, now you are on this one.'

'What evolution is, is the slow conquest of dimensions.'

'Music has always been the way..'

Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: Front
Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: Back
Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: Inside
Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: Inside 2
Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: CD
Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: Extra
Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: Extra 2
Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala: Extra 3