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Spectrum - Space Helmet

Spectrum - Space Helmet
LabelSpectrum Music
Typealbum, CD

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Spectrum - Space Helmet


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05 Spectrum - Space Helmet
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08 Spectrum - Down Town Tel Aviv (Dede's Goa 06 Remix)
09 Spectrum - Deep Impact

Spectrum Records was founded back in 2001, by Israel's leading, veteran Dj & one of its most influential figures, Dj Dede. Dede has been active in the local and international scenes since the early trance days, throwing free beach parties in 1992, and co-founding the legendary MDMA RECORDS & Distribution in 1997.

Dede's unique powerful & uplifting style can be recaptured while listening to the various CD compilations he has compiled. Spectrum records concept is Dede's vision of the future of trance & its electronic siblings. Discovering those incredible talents and following them through. The Spectrum sound has been molded after experimenting with all trance grooves and can be best described as uplifting, touching yet powerful & juicy dance floor hits.

Spectrum records is back stronger than before, presenting you with Spectrum's (Dj Dede) third artist album – Space Helmet CD.Space Helmet is the result of a year long jamming in the studio, throwing us deeper & deeper into un-stepped groovy territories.In this album Dede collaborates with massive acts such as Oforia, Paul Taylor, Ultravoice, Perplex alongside promising newcomers, Spectrum records very own Dj KiDO, & Stereomatic.

Spectrum brings rage to the dance floor!

Spectrum - Space Helmet: Front