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Spies - Shape Your Shade

Spies - Shape Your Shade
LabelCelestial Dragon
Typesingle, CD

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Spies Under Von Magnet Influence - Shape Your Shade


01 Spies - Fragments of ice - Fire Of illusions
02 Spies - The Passenger
03 Spies - A Cosmic Operator
04 Spies - Nostalghian Shape

Spape Your Shade is a 4 track CD EP produced as a promotional release for the forthcoming album Suvmi.

Spies (aka Holeg) require no introduction to the Japanese trance and electronica scene. Since 1996 Spices has been sponsored in Japan by Juno Reactor . He has toured Japan extensively, both alone and with Juno Reactor in Japan for 5-6 weeks every year. The First Spies album was released by the famous Japanese label Techno-Flux and received excellent reviews and fan feedback in Japan and worldwide. He has also released on Music of the Sphere for Universal Music Japan.

Holeg/Spies music is difficult to classify into any fixed genre. Many consider it to be "Cinematic Music" and his music has been widely used in audio-visual projects such as for the cult movie "Ichi the Killer" by Mike Takashi which was widely praised at the Urbanlenz/Canon audiovisual exhibition in Tokyo Omote Sando. He has also worked for famous designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Galliano composing music for their fashion shows.

Von Magnet is Phil Von, Flore Magnet and Jérôme Soudan. Since 1986, Von Magnet has perfectly combined ethnic music and art with new technologiy in impressive and memorable art/music shows melting screenplay, plastic-arts, theatre, energy, emotions and music.

Spies under Von Magnet influence project was inspired by two Spies remixes for Von Magnet released in 2003 and 2004. From that moment the production of a complete album based of Von Magnet's original songs taken from their whole discography was conceived. The chosen songs have been "digested", re-visited, re-arranged, mixed and produced according to Spies musical-universe by Holeg. More than an album of remixes, Holeg created a complete album.

The result of this album is a trip through a wide range of styles from electronica to rock toward world music, ambiiet and experimental within an overall cinematic mood.