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Spies - SUVMI: Spies under Von Magnet Influence

Spies - SUVMI: Spies under Von Magnet Influence
LabelCelestial Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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Spies Under Von Magnet Influence - SUVMI


01 Spies - Morirme / Da'wah
02 Spies - Do the Magnet / Torii
03 Spies - Under Influence / L'organe Du Desir
04 Spies - Catalys / Flore In Love (Ursuia Mix)
05 Spies - Buddah-Like / Ancient Tales
06 Spies - Nostalghian Shape
07 Spies - Fragments Of Ice / Fire Of Illusions
08 Spies - Third Man / A New Path

SUVMI is the full lenght album of Spies under Von Magnet influence : Holeg's hybrid electronica project Spies meeting the famous founder/inventor of the electro-flamenco Von Magnet for an eclectic journey through musical genres. From wide electronica, ambient, indie-rock, worl music to neo-classical, contemporary music and other sonic influences, Spies under Von Magnet influence stands for a new path in music fusion. Once more, Holeg's cinematic touch has turned this album to a pure soundtrack of an imaginary movie and leads the listenner to a wide spectrum of emotions breaking down the musical boundaries. Eclectic but coherent, unclassifiable but accessible.

Listen and picture out your own movie !