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Sub Sonar - Cool Accident

Sub Sonar - Cool Accident
LabelLiquid Sound Design
Typealbum, CD

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Subsonar - Cool Accident


01 Sub Sonar - Gayatri
02 Sub Sonar - Stand Strong
03 Sub Sonar - El Toro
04 Sub Sonar - Indian Summer
05 Sub Sonar - Cool Accident
06 Sub Sonar - Voice From The Wilderness
07 Sub Sonar - Ultra Sound
08 Sub Sonar - Easy Game To Play
09 Sub Sonar - Transmissions
10 Sub Sonar - The Eternities
11 Sub Sonar - The Day Without A Yesterday

The Subsonar album carves a new furrow in the dub soundscapes of contemporary electronica weaving fearless melodies and thunderous basslines with taut elastic rhythms that slap you round the face and command your attention. Cinematic, epic and yet still intimate and emotionally raw, it's a statement of electronic poetry.

Subsonar is the solo project of legendary underground producer Tim Bran. A founding member of Dreadzone, Tim has been credited as the man who first introduced filtered synths into dance music in the early 90's, and more recently has just completed the new Orb album collaborating alongside Alex Paterson and Youth. He's also been working with Youth on forthcoming Primal Scream, The Charlatans and The Cult material.

An innovator and instigator, keyboard wizard and acclaimed songwriter / producer, Tim has combined his many diverse talents and made an uncompromised and unique electronic masterpiece. Released on Youth's very own label, Liquid Sound.

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