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Subconsciousmind - Intermezzo

Subconsciousmind - Intermezzo
LabelFiin Records
Typesingle, CD

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SubConsciousMind - Intermezzo Extended


01 Subconsciousmind - Hector The Dark
02 Subconsciousmind - My Music
03 Subconsciousmind - (Out-In) Side
04 Subconsciousmind - iRemberem oGa

SCM's new "mini album" is the perfect take away in your music shopping. A fair prize for four A-class songs that will blow your mind more than many full albums.

SCM follows his path in creating authentic, creative and characteristic music of its very own kind. No need for popular expressions like "crystal clear production", "futuristic sounds", "psychedelic journeys", because these are just normal side effects of SCM's music. It's hard to find words for what you can expect from this release. Turn up the volume and make yourself ready for something you may not have experienced before!

Subconsciousmind - Intermezzo: Front