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Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis

Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis
LabelFlow Records
Typealbum, CD

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Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis


01 Sundial Aeon - Sacred Plants
02 Sundial Aeon - Iced Melancholy Spectacle
03 Sundial Aeon - Pleasure Impact
04 Sundial Aeon - Hybrydisy
05 Sundial Aeon - Mysanthia (Chaser Remix)
06 Sundial Aeon - Snails Home
07 Sundial Aeon - Love Shelter
08 Sundial Aeon - Freestars Trip In Aerospace
09 Sundial Aeon - Together, We Are...
10 Sundial Aeon - Dark Breaker
11 Sundial Aeon - Hydroponics

About 70 mins of chilled psychedelic atmospheres brings you melodies of relax.

In January 2007 Sundial changed their name to Sundial Aeon and the result of new work is the amazing album 'Apotheosis'.

Sundial Aeon was formed since Autumn 2005 in Poland by creative ideas of one Aural Planet's artists Raiden/Radoslaw Kochman, Daniel Lulkowski/Dan (Hoyden Space) and two other musicians, Jaroslaw Jacek/Giku and Patryk Gegniewicz/Revisq (both from the Electronic Act Itoa).

Since autumn 2006 Vladislav Isaev/Scann-Tec joined Sundial as a full time musician and band DJ. Sundial Aeon music is already used in many projects like games, multimedia presentations, websites, tv and radio jingles, spots and has been released on acclaimed Iboga Recs sub label Sofa Beats (Denmark), Chillcode Recs (Germany), Ultimae (France) and Yellow Sunshine Explosion (United Kingdom).

Just chill-out...

Sundial Aeon - Apotheosis: Front