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Sunrize - Connexions

Sunrize - Connexions
LabelGoaty Productions
Typealbum, CD


01 Sunrize - Connexions
02 Sunrize vs Magnetik Fusion - Offender
03 Sunrize vs Signs - New Horizons
04 Sunrize vs Morlack - Next Destination
05 Sunrize vs Hilight Tribe - Exchange
06 Sunrize vs United Spirit - X-Ray
07 Sunrize vs Life Extension - In Extremis
08 Sunrize vs Crying Freemen - Oxygen
09 Sunrize vs D.Mush - Natural Spirit
10 Sunrize vs Secret Vibes - Sta'venger

'Connexions' is a french compilation of ten original tracks made by Sunrize and famous friends like Signs, Life Extension, Highlight Tribe, Morlack, Secret Vibes...

Sunrize is the project of three musician / Dj's producers, known as Sekoya, Garce and Kayshann. Using big synthetizers for big sounds, samples, and sure each artist's touch, this album reveal original waves and melodies, big kick and strong groovy bassline.

A nice story spreading love and full energy on the dancefloor!

Sunrize - Connexions: Front