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Sync - Editmode

Sync - Editmode
LabelSpin Twist Records
Typealbum, CD

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Sync - Editmode


01 Sync - Amount
02 Sync - Loxan
03 Sync - Waveview
04 Sync - Multistage
05 Sync - Editmode
06 Sync - Erase
07 Sync - Kicka
08 Sync - 53er
09 Sync - Entar

Spintwist records presents one of the most awaited debut albums in the psy progressive trance scene.

This album presenting Sync's groovy, uplifting and pumping sound.

He created a new style and he dedicate to push is new style into a new directions in the Psy progressive trance genre.

With tracks already released on international labels such as Groove Zone, Sinn Tec, Yse, Groove Control and many others.It's time to present is awaited album 'EditMode'.

9 exclusive unreleased tracks. Every track is different from the other, and in the meantime he able to keep the shape of is unik style in every one of the tracks.

This new CD promise to set a new achievement in the psy progressive trance sence and to provide an exciting experience!

Sync - Editmode: Front