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Synchro - Science Friction

Synchro - Science Friction
LabelTIP Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Synchro - Science Friction
02 Synchro - Sync Or Swim
03 Synchro - Kesh U Later Oscillator
04 Synchro - Quake
05 Synchro - Cyberphunk
06 Synchro - Kitchen Sync
07 Synchro - Tamagotchi Killer
08 Synchro - Ace of Space
09 Synchro - Tip Hop
10 Synchro - This Stuff Is Real
11 Synchro - Drugs And Babes
12 Synchro - Human Oscillator

Synchro - Science Friction

'They're away.'

'Is this the hottest thing or what?'

From movie 'Time Cop'


Synchro - Drugs And Babes

'Moving in... we got him!'

'This your first trip? Uh-huh. Well don't worry, things hardly ever fuck up around here'

'He going to remember any of this? Not a thing. Oh really?'

'Fire it up, doc!'

'See you at the party'

All samples from the movie 'Total Recall'

Total Recall

Synchro - Science Friction: Front
Synchro - Science Friction: Back
Synchro - Science Friction: Inside
Synchro - Science Friction: Inside 2
Synchro - Science Friction: CD