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Synsun - Phoenix

Synsun - Phoenix
LabelStarsound Records
Typealbum, CD

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SynSUN - Phoenix


01 Synsun - Tron
02 Synsun - Prelude
03 Synsun - Farward Stream
04 Synsun - Reborn
05 Synsun - Meta Dream
06 Synsun - Infected
07 Synsun - Enter Sandman
08 Synsun - Phoenix
09 Synsun - Mami
10 Synsun - Magic Fly

Starsound Records is proud to introduce you to its bright new cd. Release featuring 10 previously unreleased and exclusive tracks from one of the most innovated and fully skilled producer, ' Andi Vax ' known as SynSun.

The most mature work ever he did and in addition to his skillful elements of production which was improved all these years this new cd with 8 super dance floor stomper anthems and 2 down tempo trax of relaxation for the hard times of 80 minutes journey into the magical dimension of SynSun are hostile by Starsound on this luxury release. These high energy tracks tasted everywhere the resent months are now available for everyone to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Synsun - Phoenix: Front