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Synsun - We Are The World

Synsun - We Are The World
Typealbum, CD

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SynSUN - We Are The World


01 Synsun - Into The World
02 Synsun - Set The Peace
03 Synsun - Paranoid
04 Synsun - Inside The Box
05 Synsun - Future People
06 Synsun - Phoenix 2008
07 Synsun - The End Of The Universe
08 Synsun - Crystal Mountain
09 Synsun - We Are The World
10 Synsun - After The End

Ten years ago in 1998, a star started to brightly shine on the trance scene of the capital of Ukraine (Kiev) - it was the project SynSUN.

SynSUN are the multi-talented duo Andrey Vakhnenko (28) and Evgeniy Ryabinin (22) active since 2004, holding under their belts 3 previously released albums 'Symphonic Adventures' (2004), 'Phoenix' ( 2006), 'Unstoppable'(2007).

Additionally there were numerous tracks released on different compilations by labels such as: Phonokol, Magma, Sigma Productions, Spectral Moon, YSE, Inspyde Media, Spliff Music, Kagdilia, and more will soon follow...

'We Are the World' is their brand new exciting studio album, giving you a chance to hear and feel an awesome sound and a melodic high tech evolution, which is created to break and to expand the boundaries of psytrance music and go up to the next level of perception and production. Unusual guitar reefs and solo parts stand out on the versatile tracks and unforgettable melodies will make the new album a doubtless masterpiece. You can clearly hear the fusion between different music styles, from electro and techno to rock and metal this is what created a new SynSUN's sound trademark. It shows all eccentricity of SynSUN's style.

The SynSUN Live show is close to a full concert performance, because they use electric guitar, which makes people crazy, a variety of synthesizers and multi effects, midi controllers and vocoder effects to create live show interesting and full of future sound.

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