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Tactic Mind - Top Of The Hill

Tactic Mind - Top Of The Hill
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Tactic Mind - Tactic Mind - Top Of The Hill


01 Tactic Mind - Circus Animal
02 Tactic Mind - Mind Control
03 Tactic Mind - Shade
04 Tactic Mind - 2 Far 4 Me
05 Tactic Mind - Grind
06 Tactic Mind - Time Machine
07 Tactic Mind - Under Cover
08 Tactic Mind - Top Of The Hill
09 Tactic Mind - Medical Research

After a bunch of releases, a slow efficient cooking process, Tactic Mind debut album is ready. Tactic Mind, aka Dj Kyo Log, is Leon Gossler, 26, has been an active producer and Dj with a lot of releases under his belt.

Tactic Mind has collaborated with acts such as: Ultravoice, PTX, Rizo (Dark Soho), Mahamudra and Loud.Tactic Mind - Top of the Hill presents 9 previously unreleased tracks, uplifting, groovy psychedelic trance loaded with sweet harmonies, juicy melodies, sheding powerful energies around the dance floor.Another high impacted release from Com.Pact Records.