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Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures

Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures
LabelTribal Vision Records
Typealbum, CD

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Tegma - Lo Fi Adventures


01 Tegma - In All Ears
02 Tegma - East Block (CCCP Remix)
03 Tegma - Circles
04 Tegma - Computer Disorder
05 Tegma - Who Stole My Oscillator
06 Tegma - Monday Star
07 Tegma - What The Fuzz
08 Tegma - Twister
09 Tegma - Crank Up
10 Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures

Since the late 90's, Omar Chelly and Jason Orfanidis were in the forefront of the new wave of Scandinavian progressive/minimal trance.

With over fifty released productions, three full-length albums and years of live performing at major festivals and events in all corners of the world, Tegma has grown into one of the key players of the current progressive scene.

After almost two years since the legendary record 'Around the World in 80 Minutes', Tegma is coming back to the spotlight with the release of the fourth album.

'Lo-Fi Adventures' brings you a unique blend of progressive trance with psychedelic roots and modern club music.

Whether it's a packed club, sunny open air or your fancy car, expect a pure LO-Fi experience in HQ implementation!

Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures: Front