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Temple Hedz - Between Worlds

Temple Hedz - Between Worlds
LabelNew Division Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Temple Hedz - Between Worlds


01 Temple Hedz - Breath Of Life (East Coming)
02 Temple Hedz - Wake Up To The Truth
03 Temple Hedz - 123 Spin
04 Temple Hedz - Here And Now
05 Temple Hedz - Pour L'Ame
06 Temple Hedz - Bohemian Groove
07 Temple Hedz - Shrine
08 Temple Hedz - 8 Division Sky Place
09 Temple Hedz - There Will Be Another Day/Tashi

New Division Recordings proudly presents the release of Temple Hedz debut album Between Worlds'. UK born producer and composer Paul Savery mixes a blend of psychedelic warm melodies and high-energy funky electronica, which forms the backdrop of this magical and refreshing creation.

Temple Hedz have made a respectable name for themselves over the years with many live performances around the UK and have stunned audiences everywhere. This latest release combines all the traditional elements that we have come to expect from Temple Hedz, world beat, ambient soundscapes, progressive rhythms and far eastern chants. The end result is blissfully enchanting and will leave the listener wanting more. Previous to this they have released a series of promo singles and remixed the likes of Banco de Gaia.
Riding on their ever-increasing wave of success Paul has settled into the driving force behind the music of Temple Hedz and is already working on new projects and judging by his latest masterpiece we can only expect an ever- increasing compelling delivery both in the studio and on the live stage.

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