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Ten-G - Draconic Sun

Ten-G - Draconic Sun
LabelAdama Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Ten-G - Amagoi
02 Ten-G - M.W.D
03 Ten-G - Electric Creeper
04 Ten-G - Vega
05 Ten-G - Searching For...
06 Ten-G - Wind
07 Ten-G - Its Memories
08 Ten-G - Nine
09 Ten-G - Abyssal Explorer

Tatsuya Muto & Youji Tamura are the legendary Japanese psychedelic duo Ten-G. With deep roots in the underground funk scene, the pair has continued to push the boundaries of live twisted psychedelia, twisting heads throughout Japan and beyond. Ten-G's debut full-length album will be touching down on Adama Records in May 2009!