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Terranoise - Cross-Dimensional Feedback

Terranoise - Cross-Dimensional Feedback
LabelUrban Antidote
Typealbum, CD

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Terranoise - Cross-Dimensional Feedback


01 Terranoise - Intergalactic
02 Terranoise - Antares
03 Terranoise - Lesson One
04 Terranoise - Room Of Answers
05 Terranoise - Strange Blue Crystal
06 Terranoise - Terra Imperium
07 Terranoise - Quantum Digits
08 Terranoise - Dream Analysis
09 Terranoise - Brainiac
10 Terranoise - Buratino
11 Electrypnose - 5th countdown (Terranoise Remix)

Urban Antidote is extremely proud to present the second TERRANOISE album to all of you out there
"Cross-Dimensional Feedback" will surely shift your brain into 5th gear!

Maxim Galinov musical style and qualities have developed to outstanding skills over the past years and became a brilliant furious fusion of high-tech, experimental, glitchy and scratchy noises, all combined with his thundering rapid kicks & bass lines. It's a pure brain-acupuncture experience, an irresistible feeling that comes to one experiencing this man's manic musical mayhem. High energy outbursts, in morning and night time variations, all combined in superbly composed 21st century
storming psytrance is the result of Maxim's hard work.

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