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The Ataris - Space Invaded

The Ataris - Space Invaded
LabelPhantasm Records
Typealbum, CD

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The Atari's - Space Invaded


01 The Ataris - Weekend Has Landed
02 The Ataris - High Definition
03 The Ataris - Aeroholix
04 The Ataris - Explosive Situation
05 The Ataris - Scrambling Signals Remix
06 The Ataris - Tokyo Underground
07 The Ataris - Space Invaded
08 The Ataris - Try To Save Your Song
09 The Ataris - Wrong Side Of The Tracks (With Smosh)
10 The Ataris - Silicon Valley

Latest release in a long line of discoveries first unleashed on Phantasm, this is the blistering debut album from Mexican psytrance supergroup - the cool collaboration of homeboy heroes Substance and Anti-Gravity... THE ATARI'S.. the scenes next superstars!!

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