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Tickets - Dreaming Of Places

Tickets - Dreaming Of Places
LabelTimecode Records
Typealbum, CD

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Tickets - Dreaming Of Places


01 Tickets - Intro
02 Tickets - Dark Fears
03 Tickets - City In Japan
04 Tickets - Harpsi Cheek
05 Tickets - Finish What You Started
06 Tickets - Aurora Borealis
07 Tickets - The Quest Remix
08 Tickets - Circu Ms Tances
09 Tickets - Heat Miser (Tickets Remix)
10 Tickets - Sympathise and Me Smerise

Timecode proudly presents Tickets' 2nd album "Dreaming of Places" as a follow up to his debut "Timelapse" from 2006. His unique sound has had listeners and dancers all over the globe smiling from ear to ear, with his trademark combination of epic, uplifting melodies and full-power arrangements yet always avoiding the cheese factor. "Dreaming of Places" sees him upping the production ante and exploring new directions - with an instrumental intro and breakbeat outro while still providing plenty of the full-power moments for which he is known.

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