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Ticon - 2 am

Ticon - 2 am
LabelDigital Structures Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ticon - 2AM


01 Ticon - 1987
02 Ticon - Zebra Beat
03 Ticon - Models On Cocaine
04 Ticon - Weekeend Warriors
05 Ticon - Spitfire
06 Ticon - In The Box
07 Ticon - We're Shining
08 Ticon - 2 am
09 Ticon - Less Is More

Swedish act Ticon, are one of the precious few to have made a credible transition from studio-bound producers into the top tier of live dance acts. Their live sets have been major highlights at clubs and festivals for more than 8 years now and there is no stopping their growing poularity.

'2 am' promises to again draw on influences from a diverse range of genres and musical territories, before mashing them together in a sonic blender and dishing them out to hungry dancefloor punters. Expect tight production, expect cheeky samples, expect quality party music deeply infused with fun and a sense of humour. Music that can only come from Ticon.

Ticon - 2 am: Front