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Tikal - Cosmic Dragon

Tikal - Cosmic Dragon
LabelPlanet B.E.N. Records
Typealbum, CD

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Tikal - Cosmic Dragon


01 Tikal - Meditation
02 Tikal - Astro Man
03 Tikal - Control Your Mind
04 Tikal - Sunshine Middle East Remix
05 Tikal - Solar Storm
06 Tikal - Black Space
07 Tikal - Lunar Human
08 Tikal - Resonant Earth
09 Tikal - Red Sun
10 Tikal - Crystal Wind

Looking for the uplifting psychedelic kick? Pumping tracks that scorch the ground under your feet? The juicy acid-driven dance craze? We got something for you then: TIKAL is ready to release his new album on PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS, and he's bound to intoxicate dance floors worldwide reciting colourful tales of musical psychedelia.

"COSMIC DRAGON" is the 3rd solo album by the former Biodegradable, and again the Tikal full force will rock your socks off. Almost 2 years have passed since Vincent debut album on Neurobiotic records was celebrated round the globe. Three years being heavily in demand on the international psy scene, pushing on the big festival main floors with his live act and DJ sets, travelling round the trance world and back. All the while still releasing numerous tracks on some of the best psychedelic labels around such as PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS ;-)

"COSMIC DRAGON" brings part of this journey to you. With all of his experience Vincent has taken his project to the next level, taking full advantage of new possibilities in technology as well. You will hear it in his crystal clear production, super tight rhythmic work, massive basslines, and of course in the musicality of this album, being one of the main driving forces. "What to be expected is a more full on sound, fat and juicy basslines, still uplifting and melodic with incursion into more nightish sound,"It seems strange for me to try to categorize music. As artists did in the past and as artists will do in the future, they experiment with their art and it may take them to a lot of different places "So, call it as you like, Vincent will infect you anyway in the near future and take you with him ...

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