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Toast3d - High Infinity

Toast3d - High Infinity
LabelAgitato Records
Typealbum, CD

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Toast3d - High Infinity


01 Toast3d - High Infinity
02 Toast3d - Midship
03 Toast3d - Majestic (Remix)
04 Toast3d - Memory Game
05 Toast3d - Efect Defect
06 Toast3d - Untouchable
07 Toast3d - Psy Evolution
08 Toast3d - Live 2 Give
09 Toast3d - Fly Away

Toast3d - "High Infinity" album release follows the buzz of Toast3d "One" CD single. During the last year & a half Ezra & Eyal had busted out the sound systems at Toast3d studio while creating their debut album.

"High Infinity" album is pure energy injection made directly to the psy vein. An unforgettable blend of power & sophistication reveals high level production with uncontrollable uplifting effect.

Toast3d "High Infinity" is the perfect flashback experience that brings you back to the first time you had ever listened to the trance music.

Toast3d - High Infinity: Front