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Trancefeld - Kemik

Trancefeld - Kemik
LabelAvalanche Records
Typealbum, CD

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Trancefeld - Kemik


01 Trancefeld - Prologue
02 Trancefeld - Tba
03 Trancefeld - Love Is Like A Drug
04 Trancefeld - 400 Pounds
05 Trancefeld - Again
06 Trancefeld - Riding
07 Trancefeld - Knock!
08 Trancefeld - Melting Cheese
09 Trancefeld - She Dark, Me Hot
10 Trancefeld - Ram it, Skunk it
11 Trancefeld - No Needs
12 Trancefeld - Good Bye

After a creative break, Avalanche is back with another stunning release by no one less than germanys musically outlaw Philipp 'Trancefeld' Dransfeld.

Philipp is defenetly one of the most talented and technically best skilled german progressive trance producers. His totally unique style is beyond any drawers or categories. It just fat, driving, sometimes spacy, but for sure always kickin...

After his graduation in SAE (school of audio engeneering), Phillipp has released a couple of 12 inches and his first album for Plastic Park, followed by some cool colloborations with the likes of Marc Vision and DJ Taucher, and has now defenetly finished his Masterpiece.

12 totally different tracks make this album sound more like a nice compilation than an artist album. It hard to describe the style, cause theres nothing really to compare with. It just a timeless journey through a colourful galaxy of groove and space...

Trancefeld - Kemik: Front