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Tribal Tul - Inspired

Tribal Tul - Inspired
LabelTribal Records
Typealbum, CD

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Tribal Tul - Inspired


01 Tribal Tul - Puera (Remix)
02 Tribal Tul vs Eat Static - Bloater
03 Tribal Tul - Rock In Space
04 Tribal Tul - Awaking Rave
05 Goblin - Bad Trip (Tribal TUL Remix)
06 Tribal Tul vs Cosmo - Papaya
07 Tribal Tul - Hallucinate
08 Tribal Tul vs Mottil - Tazke Delo
09 Tribal Tul feat. Hideyo Blackmoon - 5th Element

"Tribal Tul - Inspired" - Tuls 2nd full length album.It is ideal for DJs and listeners that look for high quality sound and powerful beats.

A unique trance fusion of sounds and rhythms from all over the world and out of it..."is a collection of my most inspired moments..."Inspired also contains Tribal Tuls tracks with Eat-Static, Mottil, Cosmo, Hideyo Blackmoon and a Goblin RMX.

Tribal Tul - Inspired: Front