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Trimada - Left Behind

Trimada - Left Behind
LabelMechanical Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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Trimada - Left Behind


01 Trimada - Left Behind
02 Trimada - Voices
03 Trimada - Lost Soul
04 Trimada - Dead Silence
05 Trimada - Son Of The Devil
06 Trimada - Silent Hill
07 Trimada - Darkness Falls
08 Trimada - Shadow World Pain
09 Trimada - Constantine
10 Trimada - The Return

Lost in paranoia
This is what I hear
This is what I feel
He came to me
With hidden messages
The broken shadow tainted by hate
As the Terror in my Dreams
Why can't music fade to black?
Cause all people have dreams
Dreams of What?
I'm not one of them
That's why i'll always be

Trimada is Tarek Mansur from Sweeden. Tarek creates dark soundscapes and thumping beats, melding Techno, Trance, Industrial and Dark Ambient into a style that is seldom heard these days. 3 years in the making, this is a journey deep into Tarek's dark and bleak dreamscapes. The album is soon to be released on Mechanical Dragon Records.

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