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Trold - Time Of Illusion

Trold - Time Of Illusion
LabelGlowing Flame Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Trold - The Big Secret
02 Trold - Teasers
03 Trold - Tricky Reality
04 Trold - Alchemy Of The Sun
05 Trold - Observer
06 Trold - Its All About Cycles
07 Trold - A Way Will Be Made
08 Trold - The Path

8 previously unreleased tracks from the well known duo from Norway brings you their unique sort of psychedelia packed as their 2nd album.

Trold was born in 1999, and Trold had their first track released in the summer of 2003. Trolds first album, "Once upon a time...." was following right after in sept 2003, and recived very good feedback from both listeners as well as dj's. Numerous release's have followed thereafter on different compilations, and Trold is now ready with their second album entiteled, "Time of illusion"

Trold - Time Of Illusion: Front
Trold - Time Of Illusion: Back
Trold - Time Of Illusion: Back 2
Trold - Time Of Illusion: Inside
Trold - Time Of Illusion: Inside 2
Trold - Time Of Illusion: CD