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True Anomaly - One Hand Clapping

True Anomaly - One Hand Clapping
LabelSoulTribe Records
Typealbum, CD

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True Anomaly - One Hand Clapping


01 True Anomaly - Aesthetics
02 True Anomaly - Mouth
03 True Anomaly - Dare To Love Me
04 True Anomaly - Zen Greenmonade
05 True Anomaly - Out Of The Arm Of One Robot
06 True Anomaly - The Live Is In My Pocket
07 True Anomaly - Temptation
08 True Anomaly - Game Over

The newest output from Soultribe Records is from Alfredo Garcia aka Logarythm with his new project 'True Anomaly'.

We are proud to represent our stunning new label artist from Mexico with his fresh deep kind of psychedelic music.

His first album 'One Hand Clapping' starts off fun and groovy and builds deep intensity. And finaly melts to a dreamy cool finish.

Track by track this album will hipnotyze you and dont let you go from the dancefloor till the last track will play.

True Anomaly - One Hand Clapping: Front