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Tryambaka - The Colour Of Time

Tryambaka - The Colour Of Time
LabelBhooteshwara Records
Typealbum, CD

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Tryambaka - The Colour of Time


01 Tryambaka - Shadows
02 Tryambaka - Sympathy For The Parents
03 Tryambaka - Safi Baraka
04 Tryambaka - Catastrofe
05 Tryambaka - I Saw Your Saw
06 Tryambaka - Wannabe
07 Tryambaka - The Pit Lord
08 Tryambaka - Blender
09 Tryambaka - Hardware Nightmare
10 Tryambaka - M.F.A.
11 Tryambaka - Revelations

Starting out in music playing clarinet, and becoming a member of small orchestra, the man behind Tryambaka, Tiago Coelho Pimentel found his passion for music in the acoustic sounds. Discovering trance and the art of electronic music at a later day on a Portuguese dancefloors, Thiago was amazed with the fusion of simplicity and complexity of trance. His urge to express his feelings trough the music he loved to dance to, challenged him to experiment to equipment and begin to write. Tryambaka is one of the in power sons of stage Durvassa. The one commanded to spread Abeda (unity among man). It literally means he/she who sees the world trough the third eye

Album description: Somewhere between light and music, vanishes time that does not resist. All that's left it's to paint it blueA spell for another earned second. It's a breath, an instant: The troubled path of who wants to dream forever Time's an out of control clock running toward madness. When the skies fade to black and fall down us, we cast that blue spell on it to reach out another breath.even if it's only one. The colour of time is this instant: a second dream that does not run out.

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