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Tryon - The Twilight Solution

Tryon - The Twilight Solution
LabelHypergate Records
Typealbum, CD

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Various Artists - The Twilight Solution (Remixes)


01 Tryon - Frame Intro
02 Tryon - Skyline
03 Tryon - Reward Of Mind
04 Tryon - Freak Stuff
05 Tryon - Magic Cooler
06 Tryon - Out Of Time
07 Tryon - Paranormal
08 Tryon - Twilight Solution
09 Sidhartha - The SleepWalker Tryon Remix
10 Tryon - Atmos On Fire

Hypergate Records is proud to present Tryon debut album - The Twilight Solution is "served" to us by Telmo Pereira aka Tryon from Portugal.

Tryon music stands for strength, rawness, fury, beauty, funk and soul, which are the main reasons for us @ Hypergate to sign him up for this amazing release. Ten tracks have been carefully picked by Telmo & our team and got poked down the ears of grateful and wild crowds, freaking out in a frenzy at the wall of sound produced by this new hot upcoming super talent.

This release surely comes with a warning, so expect nothing but the very best from this superb new kick- ass topnotch hi-tech twilight turbo trancer.

Tryon - The Twilight Solution: Front