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Tulk - Wonderland

Tulk - Wonderland
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Tulk - Wonderland


01 Tulk - Escape from Heaven
02 Tulk - Remote
03 Tulk - Igual
04 Tulk - Wonderland
05 Tulk - Trilogy
06 Tulk - Zoom
07 Tulk - Kumagaya
08 Tulk - Scorpion
09 Tulk - White Wabbit

The debut album 'Wonderland' by Optokoppler's Tim Ruesken aka 'Tulk' will undoubtly become one of the most important Goa trance releases in 2008!

'Wonderland' is an extraordinary album featuring 9 exclusive Tracks. The polished sounds and effects, the beautifully crafted melodies and the functional grooves are on such an impressive level unlike anything else from Germany.

'Wonderland' is a concept in dance, an outstanding journey through the world of psychedelic music culture. A massive debut album that can't be missed!

Tulk - Wonderland: Front