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UX - Ultimate Experience

UX - Ultimate Experience
LabelDragonfly Records
Typealbum, CD

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UX - Ultimate Experience


01 UX - UX Part 1
02 UX - Life Support Technology
03 Disco Volante - Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix)
04 UX - Mind Over Gravity
05 UX - Dominion
06 UX - Alien Earth Activity
07 UX - Pure Intellect
08 UX - Master Of The Universe
09 UX - Chrysalis
10 UX - UX Part 2

UX - Life Support Technology

'Life support technology'

UX - Mind Over Gravity

'From the outer regions of space to the inner regions of mind.'

UX - Dominion

'Your thoughts will be with me always.'

'You will learn to live without day or night'

'Escape is impossible.'

From movie 'The fortress'

The fortress

UX - Alien Earth Activity

'Please analyze and activate.'

'This frequency is no longer operational.'

UX - Pure Intellect

'Power of pure intellect.'

UX - Master Of The Universe

'I will become master of the universe.'

UX - Chrysalis

'Extra terrestrial?' 'Unknown source.'

'Intelligent life beyond this planet.'

From the movie 'Species'


UX - Ultimate Experience: Front