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(Val)Liam - Daydreamer

(Val)Liam - Daydreamer
LabelCelestial Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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(Val)liam - Daydreamer


01 (Val)Liam - Gaia
02 (Val)Liam - Happy Accidents
03 (Val)Liam - Freefall
04 (Val)Liam - Earth
05 (Val)Liam - Somewhere Not Here
06 (Val)Liam - Lotus Dancing
07 (Val)Liam - The Mystic
08 (Val)Liam - Solace
09 (Val)Liam - In Samsara
10 (Val)Liam - Daydreamer

Having released several tracks on compilations already, Celestial Dragon is proud to present (val)Liam's debut album "Daydreamer" - a musical journal written by Liam Skogland, documenting moments when the mind drifts off and becomes free, yielding to vivid imagination. The result are ten tracks covering a wide variety of influences, tones and moods that draw the listener out of the everyday mundane into a space where they create realities of their own

(Val)Liam - Daydreamer: Front